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Reset Your Metabolism, Lose Weight and Optimize Your Health

"A practical guide to helping you burn stubborn fat and turn your body into a fat-burning machine"

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About The Book

The mR40 method is a practical guide to helping you burn stubborn fat and turn your body into a fat-burning machine - without counting calories (unless you really want to) or feeling like you are starving. You’ll understand how to take the most effective science and researched backed weight loss methods of nutrition and movement and apply them as apart of a healthy lifestyle.

Ketogenic eating has become popular over the last few years with good reason, research has proven that it’s one of the most effective ways to burn excess fat, reduce inflammation, balance hormones, improve mental clarity and focus, and even treat diseases. Unfortunately, many people don’t fully understand how to practically apply ketogenic eating as a part of a healthy lifestyle, leaving them frustrated and yo-yo-ing in and out of an unhealthy cycle and unable to maintain what is meant to be a simple whole food method of eating.  

The mR40 method is the next level of ketogenic eating. It was designed on a foundation of ketogenic eating and with the addition of science-backed angiogenesis inhibiting foods and metabolic reconditioning movements to create a complete lifestyle program to optimize your health. Welcome to Keto 2.0 and your next level healthy lifestyle.

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About The Author
Mubarakah Ibrahim
Mubarakah Ibrahim is an internationally renowned Health and Fitness Expert over 20-years’ experience in the personal wellness industry, Mubarakah has earned 13 fitness and nutrition certifications and holds an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s’ of Science in Exercise Science, Public Health and Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. In addition to being an OASIS In The Overwhelm Master Trainer: A Professionally Recognized CEU Stress Management Coach Certification and Training Program.

Mubarakah has gained a reputation as a leader in innovative fitness for women and entrepreneurs. She has appeared Oprah Winfrey Show "Thirty-Something in America" [2008] a segment that highlighted her as "the job you'd never expect", as a Hijab-wearing Muslim Woman Personal Trainer and owner of her own personal training business, the covers and business features of the Chicago Tribune, expert fitness contributor to Prevention Magazine on fitness for women over 40 and in NY Times, Azizah and Experience Life Magazines. 
Her efforts as both a health advocate and a Muslim-American businesswoman has afforded her the opportunity to be invited as a special guest to the White House Iftar Dinner by President Barack Obama in both 2012 and 2013 with the honor of sitting directly next to the President. 

She is the ground under the swell of the “Fit Muslimah” an online community that starts on FitMuslimah.com and extends to more than quarter million people on her Facebook page, dedicated to improving and advocating for the health and wellness of Muslim women. She is the founder of the Fit Muslimah Summit; the only international health and fitness summits held exclusively for Muslim Women hosted throughout the U.S., Bermuda, and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mubarakah lectures and conducts workshops on health, fitness, and healthy living and business throughout the world. She is lives in New Haven CT with her husband and close to her 4 adult children.

Her own journey of struggling with weight loss after 40 despite “doing everything right” lead to the development of the mR40 method and helping hundreds of women do the same.

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